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Welcome to Kingfishers

We are Years 3 and 4
Our teacher is Miss Sophie Pritchard

Parents: for more detailed information on your child's time in Kingfishers, including what they are learning each term and homework, please see the linked letter below 'Welcome Letter'

Our learning for the Summer Term


We will be answering the question 'How did the Ancient Greeks change the world?' In order to do this, we will compare modern day to Ancient Greece and make a comparison of inventions, ways of life and literature. Much of our English work will mirror this by considering Greek mythology. 


in the second half of this term, we will look at Dartmoor through the Stone to Iron Age. We will consider how Dartmoor and its inhabitants have changed throughout the ages.


In maths, we will be consolidating our learning in fractions and for year 4, decimals. We will then move on to looking at money and time. Both topics allow for us to use practical resources and context to support our understanding. 


This term's focus is disco! We will be listening to and appraising the way disco music is constructed. We will then be using instruments to learn notation and then use this to improvise and compose our own pieces. 

 Our PE day is Thursday
Please arrive to school in your PE kit and please remember a water bottle. As the weather gets warmer, hats and sun cream is advised. 

Forest School
Thursday will also be our forest school day. Please bring your Forest School kit with you and a spare bag for wet and muddy clothes at the end of the session. 
Miss Sophie Pritchard

Class Teacher