Welcome to Hawks Class!

 We are made up of a fabulous group of Y5 and Y6 children plus Mrs Wilson (our teacher!).

 We love to learn and always ensure we have fun along the way!



In English, we explore a wide range of texts and spend time inventing our own pieces of writing to target specific audiences. We link learning to our topic as much as we can, but also enjoy following our own interests and things we have heard in the news, for example writing and hosting debates about Sir Francis Drake and Slavery.


Maths is taught through White Rose and supports our learning through developing our understanding in progressive steps. We love times tables Rockstars and are always up for a challenge again other House Teams or year groups.


Enquiry based learning

Alongside our maths and English curriculum, we use topic-based learning to inspire us to learn about different aspects of history, geography, art and much more! We have 'Big Questions' that help us hook our learning and enables us to dig deeper in to everything we do.

For example, one of our topics is titled 'World at War'. The first half term we spend learning about history with our big question being: How did the war change people's lives? From there, we then explore how the war started, allies and axis, The Plymouth Blitz, air raids, evacuation and VE Day.


The learning for the second half term then flips to geography where we then explore how war changes landscapes and think about damage caused by the war. We link this to our map skills and create maps to show the impact of the war around the World.


Every topic also has a visitor or trip, as well as immersion days. For the war unit, we visited The Box museum in Plymouth and held an evacuation day in school, where we linked our D&T and made stuffed toys in sewing that we could take with us on our journey.


We also utilise our wonderful location in everything we do and take our learning outdoors and in to the community whenever possible, which is something we thrive on in Y5&6. This also works hand-in-hand with the blended learning approach we still follow, further building on our computing skills. 


Forest School and PE

As well as the learning detailed above, we still have opportunities for Forest School during the academic year and are part of the Ivybridge Learning Community and Link Academy Trust sports competitions, allowing us to take our competitive streaks further! Mr Tanner (our PE specialist teacher) also runs a Sports Leader programme, which we apply to be part of. If we are successful, we then form a team of pupils from across the Trust who support Mr Tanner with organising, running, officiating and reporting on all of the sports competitions and events.

Mrs Kate Wilson

Class Teacher