The 'Friends of Diptford School' (FODS) is a fundraising group registered with the Charities Commission, which organises events and activities to raise much needed additional resources for the school, for the benefit of the children. Any parent of a child at Diptford School or Pre-School or any member of the Diptford community can be a member of FODS. We have our own website and e-mail updates which we encourage interested parties to sign up to for e-mail updates about what’s happening, what we’ve raised, what we have spend money on etc. 
And we are all parents of current school children. You do not need to be a committee member to attend any FODS meeting and any support would be greatly appreciated. The meetings are held straight after school or later on in the evening so hopefully the timings of some of the meetings will suit you. Watch out for the odd coffee morning, lunch trip or evening out.”
The current FODS committee office holders are:

Xenia Ball – Chair

Angela Fisher – Secretary

Roger Knight – Treasurer