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Teachers: Miss Ali Reid and Mrs Holly Edgington
 Teaching Assistant: Mrs Sharron Sedgbeer
PE Day is a Thursday please come to school in your PE kit.

Learning in Reception

Reception children learn through a mixture of whole class sessions, directed activities both indoors and out and self-directed activities indoors and out. Most of our whole-class carpet sessions take place in our Dippers Classroom and our self-directed play happens outside or in Little Dippers, but we are flexible depending on what space an activity requires. Dippers class are very good at knowing routines and expectations, they are increasingly excited about their learning and they are great at inventing their own amazing, engaging play opportunities.


Summer Term

This term we are learning about "Brilliant Builders", taking inspiration from our building site right in the middle of our school! There are lots of exciting aspects of this topic, from diggers to tools, from measurements to types of buildings that builders build.

After half term our topic will be "Under the Sea" and we will be learning about the Science of the seaside as well as making some sea side Art and reading, writing, drawing and exploring seaside stories.



Without a doubt, learning to read is the most important step in a child’s academic journey and, along with their emotional well-being, it has top priority in Reception. We will be asking for as much help as you can give us along the way. Don’t worry though, as parents ourselves we understand just how busy you are so there will be no judgement, just gratitude for any help you can give! The main support you can give us is to read, read and read TO your child and as their confidence grows to read, read, read WITH your child.

The children will bring home a wordless book at the beginning of the year. Please have a look at this with your child and help them to work out the story from the pictures. Ask them lots of questions about what is happening and guide them in knowing the conventions of turning the pages the right way from front to back.

They will also bring home a story book for you to read to them. The love of stories is so important in learning to read so this is an opportunity to just enjoy the books together.

We will start daily Phonics sessions in Week 3 of the Autumn Term. Once we start this your child will bring home a book with decodable words in. The more letters and sounds they learn in Phonics the more complex the reading will become. The books will always only contain the sounds they have learned so far as well as some “tricky words” (such as to and the) that they have learned.



We have daily Maths sessions in Dippers class. The learning is focussed on mathematical concepts and vocabulary that will build a solid foundation for Maths learning throughout the school. We learn through whole-class carpet sessions and practical activities as well as through the opportunities that arise in self-directed play. Maths is all around us and we do Maths outside of our Maths sessions when we’re going about our daily routines.



Miss Ali Reid

Class Teacher

Mrs Holly Edgington

Class Teacher