School Committee

The School Committee is made up of Governors, Diptford parent representatives, staff, church representatives and members of the local community. The committee works with the school to help improve outcomes for all our children. It is not the same as the Governing Body, which has statutory powers and which is responsible for all four schools of the Totnes Hub, within the Link Academy. For further information about the Hub and Governors, please visit: The Link Academy Trust.
The school Committee has the following members:
  • Roger Knight


  • Jo Palmer

    Parent Representatives - Little Dippers & Nursery

  • Claire Moorman

    Parent Representatives - Kingfisher

  • Louise Lethbridge

    Parent Representative - Hawkes

  • Laura Bell

    Friends of Diptford School (FODS)

  • Elizabeth Lethbridge

    Head of School

  • Rev David Sayle

    Church Representative